MLP Interior Design
Change your space, change your life



Design Services:

  • School and Library Design
  • Educational Design Consulting
  • Bathroom & Kitchen Design 
  • Room Layout Design
  • Selection of Furniture, Lighting, & Finishes
  • Paint Color Consultation
  • Design Support for Home Buyers & Sellers
  • Project Management
  • Home Staging 
  • Home Styling
  • Holiday & Event Design 


E-Design Services:

E-design is an affordable, long-distance option for clients either out of the area or who don't require the services of an on-site designer.  It's perfect for the client who is comfortable buying and installing items themselves at their own pace.  I can work with existing pieces, or source an entirely new room for your home.  

How It Works

Each E-design process begins with the same basic steps.  

  1. Complete the Design Questionnaire
  2. Attach photos and measurements
  3. Receive a final quote from me; approve and pay a 30% deposit 
  4. Have a follow-up design consultation via email and/or Skype to finalize details and options
  5. Receive your complete design package within 2-3 weeks 
  6. Request basic revisions (included in price)
  7. Receive your revised design package within 2-3 weeks
  8. Get to work installing your new space!

What You Receive

When your E-design project is complete, you will receive the full design package in PDF form:

  • Personalized Pinterest board with full range of product options
  • Floor plan(s)
  • Elevations, if necessary
  • List of links to materials, furnishings, lighting, hardware, and other sources
  • A cost breakdown that works within your budge
  • Up to 2 design revisions to tweak any part of the package that does meet your full satisfaction


Considering each design job and client is unique, prices vary depending on project scope, size, and need.  If you're not looking for a full design package or if you're working with a smaller budget, there are plenty of options to suit your needs. Basic floor plans and/or Pinterest Design boards may be all you need.  We can work with any job and any budget to give you what you need!